The following bills are active in Congress and the Michigan Legislature and require your immediate attention.   Take a few minutes to review the purpose of these bills and click on Take Action  to express your informed opinion on the issue.   It will be forwarded to your elected representative.


S.722 - A bill to extend most of the 2001 and 2003 tax costs: This bill is in the U.S. Senate and assigned to the Finance Committee.   It has the intent to extend most of the Bush tax cuts and make permanent the elimination of the "Estate Tax" (death tax).   If Congress does nothing, all of the lower tax rates will expire at the end of 2010, returning the rates in place at the end of the Clinton administration.  Take Action  

S.414 & H.R. 627 - Bills to provide additional protection to Credit Card Holders:   These bills are designed to protect credit card holders by prohibiting certain billing practices, provide more notice when interest rates increase, and provide clearer disclosures on bills.  Take Action  

HR1256 - A bill to give FDA sweeping powers to regulate production and marketing of tobacco products:   Currently, under consideration in the Senate, the measure would impose strict marketing restrictions.   Within a year, tobacco companies would no longer be able to advertise on outdoor billboards or signs near schools and playgrounds, give away non-tobacco products, or sell cigarettes in vending machines outside of adult-only locations.  Take Action  

HR1409 & S.560 - The Employee Free Choice Act:   Commonly referred to as the "card check" bill would change how unions are allowed to organize workers in the U.S.  It would allow unions to have employees sign a pre-prepared card and eliminate the requirement for a secret ballot.   Those for this bill say it will make it easier for employees to express their position.  Those against say it will lead to arm twisting by union organizers.  Take Action  


HB 4800 - A bill to provide tax exemption for purchase of alternative energy vehicle:   This bill would create a tax exemption on the trade-in value of a current vehicle when purchasing a new alternative energy vehicle.  The vehicle must meet federal safety and local emissions standards.  Take Action  

HB 4716 - A bill to attract auto suppliers and create jobs by providing tax credits:  The Senate is considering a bill to provide tax credits to qualified companies that consolidate their operations in Michigan and provide motor vehicle components, tools and equipment, auto chemicals and related products in the production, repair, and maintenance of all classes of motor vehicles. The House has passed this bill. Take Action  

S 243 - A Job Training Bill:  The House and Senate are considering a bill to provide job training, worker safety programs, and other resources for unemployed familes as part of the budget for the Department of Energy, labor, and Economic Growth.  Take Action

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